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Early CISA findings suggest link between ransomware and patient mortality: 7 things to know

Becker's Health IT

Hannah Mitchell

Early findings from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency link ransomware attacks on hospitals and patient mortality, according to an Aug. 19 report by The Verge.

Burlington, Vt.-based UVM Health Network was struck by a ransomware attack in October and couldn't access its EHR for nearly a month. Every computer was infected with malware. The system had to delay some appointments as COVID-19 ramped up in the winter.

Seven things to know:

1. A team from CISA examined the cyberattack, looking at excess deaths, or the number of deaths above normal during a specific time of year, during the pandemic. Since hospitals were overburdened, other hospitals were not able to absorb patients from other hospitals. Findings suggest that patients did worse in hospitals recovering from a cyberattack than in hospitals that were not.

2. "We should stop pretending that...

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