Don’t Compromise: Securing Your Company’s Data Amid Remote Working and Lay-offs

InfoSecurity Magazine

Caleb Barlow

One of the lasting legacies COVID-19 will leave is a shift to a permanent remote workforce; it’s not just a change in how we work, but also a change in what adversaries are likely to target.

Healthcare organizations, for example, have increasingly become a soft target for cyber-criminals in light of other entities, such as education, travel, and retail, going on hiatus. A hospital is still in operation during this crisis, and it presents a likely target no matter if the adversarial intent is profit, notiarity, or even access to research related to the pandemic.

First let’s start with the attack surface, which has dramatically expanded. Telemedicine has been accelerated by more than a decade and in some cases is leveraging commercial solutions that were never designed to handle healthcare data from a security or privacy perspective. Add to this hundreds of employees and vendors working from home with shared workstations and hastily configured VPNs.

It is important to realize...

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