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Do no harm in 2020: How to effectively integrate cybersecurity and patient wellness

MedCity News

Ryan Witt

The Hippocratic Oath is the North Star of medical treatment, guiding doctors to properly diagnose illness and injury, pursue the correct treatment, and prescribe the appropriate medication. But what about the harm that may come to patients whose medical records wind up on the “dark web”? How is patient care threatened when hospitals can’t access records because of a ransomware attack? While the industry has made impressive advances in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of countless physical maladies in recent years, there is still work to be done on healthcare’s cybersecurity posture.

In order to prioritize cybersecurity, it’s important to understand how systems have evolved, the unique challenges within the healthcare industry, and how to integrate security with patient wellness in 2020.

While other industries have kept pace – even set the pace – when it comes to securing sensitive data, healthcare has fallen behind. There are several reasons for this. One is...

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