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Developing a Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Strategy

IOT World Today

Brian Buntz

Given the blossoming of attacks on organizations — from energy to health care firms — the need for robust critical infrastructure cybersecurity has expanded.
Takeaways include the following:

Critical infrastructure protection is a long-standing priority, but many organizations lag in their response to cyberthreats.

COVID-19 has broadened the definition of critical infrastructure while also providing a reminder for enterprise companies to question which systems are essential to operations.

This article builds on the advice in chapter one of this series in “Addressing IoT Security Challenges From the Cloud to the Edge.”

Organizations managing critical infrastructure should develop a proactive cybersecurity posture, but coronavirus-led disruptions heighten the challenge.

By now, the need for comprehensive cybersecurity for critical infrastructure is clear. Public accounts are widespread concerning the risk of malicious actors targeting the electrical grid, dams, voting systems and other federally designated critical infrastructure. But the majority of organizations that provide essential services have taken only...

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