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Defending U.S. Hospitals Against Today’s Cyber Threats

Becker's Health IT

The cost of cyber crime is often calculated in terms of financial loss, inconvenience, or reputational damage. But when it comes to health and hospital systems, the harm caused by a cyber-attack can be far worse.

Ransomware-encrypted systems can delay the delivery of life-saving treatment. Data breaches can expose the personal data of vulnerable patients. Entire health systems have had their systems shut down due to cyber-attacks, with an increased risk to human life.

In one of the worst examples, in October 2020, a woman was diverted from emergency care at a local hospital and sent to a facility 20 miles away. The local hospital’s servers had been encrypted during a ransomware attack, and the hospital could not accept patients. Tragically, the woman died.

Cyber-Attacks Escalating Against Hospitals and Patients

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber-attacks on health and hospital systems and their patients have escalated. Concerns about the virus have enabled...

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