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DDoS attacks in 2021: What to expect?

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Zeljka Zorz

We’re only three months into 2021, and Akamai has mitigated 3 out of the 6 largest DDoS attacks they have ever witnessed.

Two of these hit the same company on the same day, and the attackers’ goal was extort money from the target.

“Growing” DDoS attacks
Hoping for a major Bitcoin payout, DDoS attackers continue to raise the bar when it comes to attack size, frequency, and target diversification.

“In 2021 alone, we’ve already seen more attacks over 50 Gbps (as of 03/24/2021) than we saw in all of 2019. Keep in mind attacks of this scale can take almost anyone offline,” Akamai researchers pointed out.

They are also trying out new DDoS attack vectors. Just last week...

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