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Cybersecurity roundup: Russian attacks decreasing, 320K patients affected in portal breach

Healthcare IT News

Kat Jercich

White House officials testified this past week that they have seen a "discernible decrease" in U.S.-targeted cyberattacks linked to Russia.

As reported by The Hill, Chris Inglis, the country's first national cyber director, told the House Homeland Security Committee that it was too soon to tell why the number of incidents had lessened.

"It may well be that the transgressors in this space have simply lain low in understanding that this is for the moment a very hot time for them, and we need to ensure that that continues to be the case," said Inglis.

"I think in the longer term, we will be able to measure in a qualitative and a quantitative fashion what the diminishment of those efforts are," he added.

Inglis emphasized the importance of staying...

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