Cybersecurity in the Biden Administration: Experts Weigh In

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Kelly Sheridan

President-elect Joe Biden's transition team has recently been announcing appointments for the incoming administration. As the country learns who will lead it next, cybersecurity experts are speculating how the appointees will approach protecting the United States from cyberthreats.

"I think you'll finally see cyber and cybersecurity issues become a true national security, economic security, and diplomatic priority," said Chris Painter, president of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise Foundation and former government cybersecurity official, in a panel today on the Biden cyber agenda hosted by the Institute for Security + Technology. "We've been moving toward that. I think it'll finally get there, and it won't take a 'cyber 9/11,' 'cyber Pearl Harbor' … that people have been predicting for years. I think we're finally at that level of maturity."

Painter expects the return to cybersecurity being treated as...

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