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Cybersecurity during a Crisis, Part 2: “We Need Network Connectivity in Every Facet.”

Kate Gamble

As many healthcare organizations are learning, one area that can’t be neglected during a crisis is data security. And so, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit — and several initiatives were put on hold — an ad hoc task group was created to develop a Cybersecurity Tactical Crisis Response. Despite the title, however, the guide doesn’t focus solely on prevention, detection, and response, although those are critical components, according to Erik Decker, Chief Security and Privacy Officer, University of Chicago Medicine, who leads the group along with Denise Anderson, president of Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC).

In fact, it’s just as much about education and outreach, as well as ensuring teams are taken care of. Think of it as a “roadmap of important things to consider when either developing or refining an incident response plan.”

Recently, healthsystemCIO spoke with Decker and Anderson about the key takeaways from the guide, the biggest challenges facing IT security leaders during a crisis, how disaster preparedness is evolving, and what they’re working on now...

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