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Cybersecurity and hospitals: Looming threats, vulnerabilities and what can be done

Chief Healthcare Executive

Ron Southwick

Cyber attacks are on the rise and smaller hospital systems could become targets. The chief technology officer of [redacted], a cloud security firm, outlines how hospitals can bolster their defenses.

Hospitals are facing more dangerous cybersecurity threats and healthcare systems of all sizes need to develop response plans.

Hackers aren’t just targeting larger hospital systems, said Matt Georgy, chief technology officer of [redacted], a cloud security company based in San Francisco. (To avoid confusion, “[redacted]” is the firm’s name; it’s not being omitted.) Increasingly, smaller hospital systems are likely targets, he said.

The American Hospital Association has tapped [redacted] for cybersecurity incident response services. The firm will be assisting the association’s member hospitals in addressing cybersecurity issues and assessing risk...

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