Cybersecurity Threats to Be Aware of in 2022 and How to Resolve Them

Hacker Noon

Junaid Tariq

You’ve probably heard the phrase “cybersecurity threat” in the news. But what are these cyber-threats, exactly?

A cyber or cybersecurity crime is an illegal act intended to hurt, corrupt, or damage digital presence in some way. Cyber threats include malicious programs, data leaks, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

Cybersecurity Threats: What They Are and How They Can Affect You

Threats to cybersecurity can be classified into three groups based on their goal. Profit or inconvenience? The attackers’ aims are espionage (including commercial espionage, patent theft, and state espionage).

Almost all cyber threats may be classified into one of these three groups. Malicious actors have a wide range of attack strategies at their disposal.

The Most Common Cyber Threats in...

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