Cyberattacks against outpatient, specialty clinics on the rise as data breaches double from 2018

Fierce Health

Garrison Wells

Healthcare breaches have nearly doubled since 2018 and continued to climb through the first half of 2021, according to a report by Critical Insight, a Seattle-based healthcare-focused cybersecurity firm.

The neighborhood family clinic down the street is no longer safe.

And those breaches, mostly hacking/IT security incidents, can affect millions of healthcare records.

Tallahassee-based Florida Healthy Kids Corp. health plan revealed this year that it had been hacked over a seven-year period affecting 3.5 million patient records. Exposed information included Social Security numbers, dates of birth, names, addresses and financial information.

“Our fears are confirmed that breaches are rising and still continue to trend upward,” Vivian Zhou, Critical Insight healthcare program manager told Fierce Healthcare.

The hacking...

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