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Cyber threats & mitigation strategies for IoT in healthcare: 5 key insights

Becker's Hospital Review

As healthcare moves to further adopt internet-connected devices to deliver care, new cybersecurity threats require hospitals and health systems to deploy strategic mitigation strategies, according to Tony Howlett, chief information security officer at SecureLink.

During Becker's Health IT + Revenue Cycle Management Virtual Forum Feb. 9, Mr. Howlett discussed present cybersecurity threats with IoT devices as well as best practices for hospitals to adopt to improve cyber hygiene.

Five key insights from the presentation:

1. Hackers are increasingly targeting healthcare, with the number of cyberattacks on healthcare organizations rising 45 percent year over year. They didn't back off on their cyberattack attempts during the pandemic, either, and have instead ramped up attacks such as email phishing attempts claiming to offer vaccines and testing.

2. Over the last few decades, healthcare has...

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