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Cyber criminals used fake NHS website to distribute infostealer malware


Jay Jay

Cyber criminals are using a spoofed copy of the NHS website to lure Internet users to download malware that is designed to steal passwords and credit card data from browsers and device files.
Security researchers at Kaspersky recently discovered the fake NHS website that used fonts, language, and interface that was very similar to the ones on the genuine NHS website. The fake website advised visitors to download instructions that included advice about staying at home, how to avoid infection, and how to use the 111 Coronavirus service.

Kaspersky researchers discovered that once a user chooses to download instructions from the fake NHS website, the site unloads a password-stealing malware disguised as "covid19.exe" that is capable of stealing passwords and credit card data from browsers, files and other data stored on the victim’s computer. Worryingly, the malware can also download additional...

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