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Cyber Security: 5 Important Key Trends Within the Healthcare Industry in 2021 - Scoop Empire

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Fatima Salahuddin

Over the years, malicious actors have always targeted the healthcare industry to carry out their mischief. This is due to the significant possession of valuable information in health sectors. Recently, there has been an increase in cyber-attacks due to most medical activities carried out remotely. The adoption of these remote technologies allows patients to be monitored from any location by medical professionals. Some devices are interconnected to achieve this, and viable information is sent through this means, making the healthcare industry prone to cyber-attack.

Similarly, most healthcare information passes through different parties and organizations, some of which may have insufficient security practices or lack of online learning; as such, cybercriminals can use this to their advantage. Therefore, cyber security is essential more than ever, as attacks from cybercriminals aren’t ceasing. That being said, cyber security must remain a priority in 2021.

Here are five key cyber security trends to be aware of in the healthcare sector.

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