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Crafting Successful Business Associate Agreements, Breach Response

Jessica Davis

The healthcare sector relies heavily upon its relationships with third-party vendors and business associates, which are critical to ensuring uninterrupted patient care. However, given the vast number of these relationships, providers can also inadvertently expand their threat landscape and create potential issues with HIPAA compliance, especially in the event of a breach.

For example, of the 41.4 million patient records breached in 2019, more than 21 million were compromised by the hacking incident at the American Medical Collection Agency – a healthcare business associate.

In light of the risks posed by business associates, recently sat down with Impact Advisor’s Shefali Mookencherry, Principal Advisor and Solution Leader of Information Security, Privacy, and Disaster Recovery, for the latest Xtelligent Healthcare Media Healthcare Strategies’ podcast.

To Mookencherry, the key to shoring up vulnerabilities posed by business associate relationships is...

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