Cost of Cyberattacks Significantly Higher for Smaller Healthcare Organizations

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Robert Lemos

Cyberattacks and ransomware cost medium-sized healthcare institutions significantly more than larger organizations, with the average cost of a shutdown caused by a cyber incident exceeding $440,000 for smaller organizations versus $130,000 for larger institutions, a new report shows.

About half of all healthcare organizations—42% of mid-size practices and 61% of large organizations—had an unplanned shutdown of medical devices or equipment due to an external attack in the past six months. Despite that, most respondents believe they have enough staff for enterprise cybersecurity, with 61% of mid-sized and 69% of large healthcare organizations saying staffing is at least adequate, according to a survey published by medical-infrastructure protection firm CyberMDX.

Overall, the report highlights that, while attacks have increased, companies...

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