Coronavirus: Microsoft offers protection to healthcare staff

BBC News

Microsoft will provide security tools to healthcare organisations around the world amid a spike in attacks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

AccountGuard will be free to healthcare, human rights, and humanitarian groups during the crisis.

The program tells users when Microsoft has detected an attack, and provides guidance on stopping it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been among the victims of attempted cyber-attacks over the last month. Microsoft says human rights organisations Amnesty International, Freedom House, and Human Rights Watch are among those to have taken advantage of the offer.

“Every patient deserves the best possible healthcare treatment, and we all need to thank and applaud the truly heroic work by those risking their own health to help those who are sick,” said a company spokesman.

“Their work is challenging enough but is being made more difficult by cyber-attacks, now or in the future.”

The company said it had tracked ...

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