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Coping With HIPAA Compliance in the Era of BYOD

CPO Magazine

Matt Powell

BYOD was already gaining popularity in the healthcare sector, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it more urgent. Millions of people switched to the home office to practice social distancing and contain the virus. It is difficult for employers to lend a new device to each employee to facilitate work from home. Alternatively, these employees had to use their own personal devices they had at home. Although this may differ from the original meaning of BYOD, it still falls under the same umbrella.

What is BYOD?
BYOD stands for “bring your own device”, and it is a user agreement that allows the use of personal devices such as smartphones, notebooks, or tablets for work purposes. As the name suggests, employees are allowed to work from their personal devices that they carry with them to the workplace. However, as employees couldn’t commute to the workplace due to lockdowns, they had to work from home using their personal devices. And this practice is also recognized as BYOD policy.

BYOD in Healthcare
Although beneficial in many ways, the BYOD practice presents...

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