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Cloudflare seeing uptick in cyber incidents as hackers try ‘unleashing everything,’ CEO says


Kevin Stankiewicz

Key Points

– The world is currently experiencing an “unparalleled amount of cybersecurity activity,” Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince told CNBC Monday.

– “In the last six months, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in attacks against our customers,” Prince said.

– Prince’s comments come in the wake of the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline.

Cybersecurity provider Cloudflare has observed a significant rise in threats toward its customers in recent months, CEO Matthew Prince told CNBC on Monday.

Prince’s comments, made in a “TechCheck” interview, came just days after a ransomware cyberattack hit Colonial Pipeline, leading the company to proactively halt operations on a key piece of U.S. petroleum infrastructure. Some parts of the pipeline are already back online, the company said in a...

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