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Citrix Updates ADC Products to Help Block DDoS Attacks

Healthcare Info Security

Prajeet Nair

Citrix is urging customers to implement a newly provided enhancement to its ADC and Gateway devices that is designed to block attackers from abusing the Datagram Transport Layer Security, or DTLS, protocol to amplify distributed denial-of-service attacks.

In December, security researchers warned attackers had started to abuse the protocol in the Citrix devices to amplify DDoS attacks (see: Citrix Warns Its ADC Products Are Being Used in DDoS Attacks).

When the amplified DDoS attacks were first disclosed, Citrix noted that these attacks affected a "limited" number of customers. And while there is no known vulnerability at this point, the company is still working on a permanent fix for its ADC and Gateway products that won't be available until later this month, according to a company alert.

The abuse of...

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