Citrix: No breach, hacker stole business info from third party


Sergiu Gatlan

Citrix has published an official statement to deny allegations that the company's network was breached by a malicious actor who also claims that he was also able to steal customer information.

The actor is now selling what he claims to be a database with information on 2,000,000 Citrix customers on the dark web, with a price tag of 2.15 bitcoins (roughly $19,700).

"As recently as today, there are reports of Citrix data for sale on the dark web," Citrix's CISO Fermin J. Serna says."Many of these reports today erroneously imply a Citrix compromise."

Hacker compromised the network of a third party
Serna added that "a threat intelligence report circulated concerning claims made on the dark web by a threat actor alleging compromise of the Citrix network, exfiltration of data, and attempts to escalate privileges to launch a ransomware attack."

However, as Citrix discovered while investigating these claims, Citrix found...

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