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Cisco Security Execs Tout Top 5 Tips


Nancy Chenyizhi Liu

Cisco security executives laid out five real-world tips enterprise incident response (IR) teams should focus on in dealing with potential cyberattacks. The tips included key technologies and processes those teams should have already deployed or have on hand in order to deal with a security incident.

Those tips were provided by Wendy Nather, who is head of Cisco’s Advisory CISOs, and Cisco’s Director of Threat Intelligence Matt Olney during a virtual panel at this week’s Black Hat cybersecurity event. The two debated IR needs versus the reality CISOs face in planning for security incidents.

Olney brought up five topics that keep coming up in incident response for many years. And Nather explained how to build a sustainable program using evidence-based practices from a CISO’s perspective.

Back Everything Up
Nather started by stating that a solid backup plan is needed in order to deal with the increase in ransomware attacks. However...

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