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Cisco : Nine Top of Mind Issues for CISOs Going Into 2022


It is that time of year when we inevitably reflect on the last 12 months, make a list of resolutions to solidify exactly what our priorities should be going forward and how best we can achieve them. In 'ordinary' times, you could mingle with your peers at industry conferences and events, swapping stories and trading information, but as we are all too aware, those opportunities are still not as readily available as in previous years.

Over the last few months, we've engaged with scores of CISOs in a series of roundtable discussions. From these conversations nine topics emerged as top of mind going into 2022. If these roundtables had occurred around the same time Log4J started becoming an increasing issue, vulnerability management may have rounded it up to a top 10 list. So, for now - here's the top nine:

#1: Better communication with the board

There's potential to...

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