Choosing a HIPAA cloud hosting provider

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The popularity of HIPAA Cloud Hosting has skyrocketed in 2020. More and more US healthcare organizations are choosing to outsource their IT systems to a HIPAA compliant hosting provider. Searching for the right provider is a challenge, so what are the key factors you should be looking for to get the best service?

Get a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
The first requirement of HIPAA compliance is to choose a hosting partner that will offer and sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Paperwork is never the most exciting part of your digital journey, but it is a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Look for a provider that will sign a contract to guarantee their HIPAA compliance status when processing, managing, or storing protected health information (PHI).

The BAA is essential when outsourcing to a HIPAA compliant provider. You are essentially offloading many of the compliance and security challenges of HIPAA to a third party, so you need to know that they can do the job. The BAA give assurances of the service level agreements of the service and will explain how the business associate (BA) handles PHI, or if the BA outsources any of these tasks to someone else.

Security defined hosting
Maintaining the data integrity of PHI is the overall objective of HIPAA compliance. The healthcare organization and...

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