Castro Valley Health, Inc. Notifying Patients of Data Security Incident


Castro Valley Health, Inc. has become aware of a data security incident that may have involved some personal information of former patients. Castro Valley Health is sending notifications to the potentially involved individuals to notify them of this incident and provide resources to assist them. Below is a copy of the notification:

Castro Valley Health takes the privacy and protection of your personal information very seriously. We are writing to inform you of a recent data security incident that may have involved some personal information.

Please review the information provided in this letter for steps that you may take to protect yourself against any potential misuse of your information. If after reading this letter you continue to have questions or concerns, you may call the toll-free number at the bottom of this letter during regular business hours.

What Happened: The incident occurred when certain information about Castro Valley Health patients inadvertently was transferred during 2016-2017 to a third-party website called...

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