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COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain Entities Remain Key Spear-Phishing Target

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

Threat actors are continuing to target the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain, the means of delivering and storing vaccines at safe temperatures, with spear-phishing campaigns that leverage pharma and biomedical lures, according to a new IBM X-Force report.

The prime targets of the campaign are the transportation, healthcare, and IT and electronics sectors. Researchers also found the attackers targeting government agencies and vendors that support public health entities, among other targets.

The new research is an update of a December IBM X-Force report that shed light on widespread phishing tactics leveraged by cybercriminals against vaccine supply chain organizations and other healthcare entities.

IBM X-Force established a cyber task force at the beginning of the pandemic to track cyber threats targeting critical infrastructure organizations.

The first global phishing campaigns against cold storage supply chain members were...

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