COVID-19 Cyber Risks Continue to Grow

JD Supra

As we previously detailed, the coronavirus pandemic has expanded opportunities for nefarious actors to exploit the digital vulnerabilities of individuals, local governments, industries, organizations, and essential services as they rapidly adapt to the public health crisis. Recent reports have confirmed that attacks and cyber scams associated with the pandemic are in fact on the rise.

On May 4, a new report released by Palo Alto Networks underscored the seriousness of these threats. Palo Alto reviewers searched for domain names using the keywords “coronav, covid, ncov, pandemic, vaccine and virus,” and found approximately 1.2 million new domain names that have been registered in the past few months. On average, 1,761 new malicious or high-risk COVID-19 related domains were created daily, with the United States hosting the vast majority of them. According to the report, 86,607 of those domain names were deemed high-risk or malicious. Of those names, 2,829 were...

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