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COVID-19: Does Your Cyber Policy Cover Remote Working Cyber Risks?

The National Law Review

Jeffrey J. Meagher

Working from home has quickly become the new normal, but it may also be the reason your cyber insurer denies coverage for the next cyberattack. With most of the United States currently under or just emerging from some form of stay-at-home guidance, the number of people working remotely likely has never been higher. While work-from-home capabilities have allowed many companies to maintain productivity during the current global pandemic, those same capabilities may simultaneously increase your company’s cyber risk and (at least according to your insurer) limit the protection provided by your cyber insurance policy.

COVID-19-Related Cyberattacks on the Rise
According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, malicious cyber actors are already taking advantage of the work-from-home environment by launching COVID-19-related phishing campaigns and exploiting publicly known vulnerabilities in remote networking software. For example, some cybercriminals are using...

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