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CISOs on CISOs – Addressing the Security Challenges of the New Teleworker Business Model


Sonia Arista, Joe Robertson, Courtney Radke, and Alain Sanchez

Organizations worldwide have undergone one of the most massive and comprehensive network changes in history. It has required literally millions of workers to transition from their traditional on-premises work environment to remote telework. IT teams have put in countless hours to make sure everyone had access to the corporate network from whatever device was available to them. And they also had to ensure that critical resources and applications were now available remotely. And in the rush to make this transition, the CISO had to ensure that, from a security perspective, nothing fell through the crack.

Part of the challenge is that we have seen a tremendous spike in criminal activity aimed directly at this new remote worker environment, searching for inadvertent security gaps and looking to exploit novice teleworkers. Of course, the first priority of the CISO has been to ensure business continuity. But now that the help desks have started to cool off and workers are back online and collaborating at a safe distance, it is time to reassess what the next steps ought to be.

We recently sat down with four ...

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