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CISA warns of active attacks in webshells campaign: 10 tips to protect your hospital

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Hannah Mitchell

Cyberterrorists are launching a new webshells malware campaign by targeting vulnerabilities in Pulse Connect Secure network connectivity products. To secure your organization, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recommends 10 tips for users and administrators on implementing mitigation measures.

Cybercriminals are placing webshells on the Pulse Connect Secure appliances, which allow them to bypass authentication and multifactor authentication, log passwords and be persistent through network patching. The cybersecurity agency has already assisted several companies that have become victims of webshells campaigns in these attacks.

Ten guidelines to protect your organization against webshells attacks:

1. Review and run the Pulse Secure Connect integrity tool until the patch has been deployed and the threats are mitigated.

2. Update to the latest software version, which contains security enhancements.

3. Once the network has been preserved, consider disabling the external-facing interface and re-enabling it once the threats have been reduced.

4. If evidence of unauthorized activity is found, contact...

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