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CISA Publishes List of Free Cybersecurity Tools to Advance Security Capabilities

HIPAA Journal

Steve Alder

Expanding security capabilities is possible with a tight budget by using free cybersecurity tools and services. Many tools and services have been developed by government agencies, the cybersecurity community, and the public and private sector that can be used to improve defenses against damaging cyberattacks, detect potential intrusions rapidly, and help organizations respond to and remediate security breaches.

Finding appropriate free cybersecurity tools and services can be a time-consuming process. To help critical infrastructure organizations reduce cybersecurity risk, the DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has compiled a list of services provided by CISA and other government agencies, open source tools, and tools and services developed and maintained by the cybersecurity community that can be adopted to improve protection, detection, response and the remediation of cyber threats.

The list of free cybersecurity tools and services is...

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