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CIS Offers Free DNS Security Tool for US Hospitals

Infosecurity Magazine

Phil Muncaster

A leading internet non-profit is offering US hospitals a free DNS security tool designed to help protect them from ransomware and other threats.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) announced on Friday that its Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting Service (MDBR) would be made available at no cost to all non-public hospitals.

The MDBR works by monitoring and blocking any outbound DNS traffic headed for suspicious domains.

“Once an organization points its domain name system (DNS) requests to Akamai’s DNS server IP addresses (primary and secondary), every DNS lookup will be compared against a list of known and suspected malicious domains,” CIS claimed.

“Attempts to access known malicious domains such as those associated with malware, phishing and ransomware, among other threats, will be blocked and logged. Accepted and blocked DNS request logs will be stored for a period of 30 days.”

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