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CIOs Need to Prioritize Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity in Their 2022 Budgets

Hacker Noon


Before 2021, CIOs were more concerned with cybersecurity; that was very understandable, as threat actors were always developing strategies to harm businesses. Though cybersecurity issues and attacks did not wane one bit, the focus shifted to digital transformation when 77.3% of 100 Fortune 500 brands felt the need to give it the number one spot in their 2021 budgets.

Digital transformation is not a novelty, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its adoption by most organizations. This is largely due to the need to improve customer experience and add more value to businesses, especially with the WFH (work from home) model that has become the norm, with the report that 96% of employees will prefer to work from home even...

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