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CCPA enforcement is coming. Where are the rules?

CIO Dive

Samantha Ann Schwartz

The California Attorney General has not published the final rules for the California Consumer Privacy Act, though enforcement is slated to begin July 1.

The impending rules finalization is challenging organizations' existing privacy practices. But businesses that were once unburdened by privacy regulation, are facing new stressors introduced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this month, Washington state announced a requirement for restaurants to maintain a 30-day log of patrons' information. While the requirement has been revised to a voluntary process for patrons, the manual form of contact tracing has unprecedented privacy implications for the restaurant industry.

Restaurants, theoretically, might be subject to HIPAA privacy guidelines, according to Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research, during a webcast this month. If patron data is shared with healthcare authorities, do names count as healthcare data? It's a "thorny" territory for companies' privacy policies and "certainly the frames of HIPAA never even thought about."

California expected companies to be...

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