Business associates were largely to blame for 2020 breaches

Healthcare IT News

Kat Jercich

A report released Wednesday from CI Security found that cybercriminals have continued to take advantage of the fallout from COVID-19.

The report, which analyzed U.S. Department of Health and Human Services breach reports last year, found that the number of healthcare data breaches increased 36% in the second half of 2020, compared to the first half.

According to analysts, 21.3 million healthcare records were breached in the second half of 2020 alone – with nearly three-quarters of all breaches tied to third parties.

"We must redouble our efforts to make sure our business associates are secure operators. That means we not only have to make sure our own networks and applications are secure, but we have to make sure all our partners have strong cyber hygiene," said Drex DeFord, executive healthcare strategist at CI Security, in an email to Healthcare IT News.

"Turns out that a risk accepted by...

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