Biggest Healthcare Security Threats, Ransomware Trends into 2021

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

In 2020, the resiliency of the healthcare industry was tested in terms of its response to two national crises: a global pandemic and hackers taking advantage of an oft-weakened workforce. Ransomware was yet again the biggest cybersecurity threat, a further reminder of the need for proactive security measures.

This evolution of ransomware is a sign of what’s to come in 2021, and those continuing a reactive cyber posture are at the greatest risk.

As the year draws to a close, the threat landscape for the healthcare sector mimics that of 2019: an overabundance of ransomware attacks and a range of phishing campaigns designed to give hackers a foothold onto the network.

Ransomware reached its highest numbers in late 2019, but COVID-19 seemingly gave the sector a reprieve as...

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