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Biden's $10 Billion Cybersecurity Proposal: Is It Enough?

Healthcare Info Security

Scott Ferguson

President-elect Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion proposal for COVID-19 relief includes nearly $10 billion in cybersecurity and IT spending.

Tucked away near the end of the "American Rescue Plan" is a proposal to spend $9 billion to help the U.S. Cyber Security and Information Security Agency and the General Services Administration complete cybersecurity and IT modernization projects.

The Biden administration also proposes spending $1 billion for several other cybersecurity and IT initiatives, including:

$200 million for the rapid hiring of security experts to work for the Office of the U.S. Chief Information Security Officer as well as the Digital Service unit in the White House;

$300 million to fund additional IT projects within the GSA;

$690 million for...

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