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Beware CISOs: attack vectors are coming from inside the house

SC Magazine

Joe Uchill

A full staff working from home presents two challenges to chief information security officers. One, of course, is the need to securely connect home workers to the office. The other, which gets talked about a little less, is the need to secure an office computer from the home.

During a webcast last week, Carbon Black provided one example for why securing company devices is needed: an uptick in users using their work machines for gaming during the COVID-19 crisis.

That in itself may seem harmless enough, but the same could easily be true of visits to scam websites playing on COVID fears or promising stimulus checks, Rick McElroy, head of security strategy at VMWare Carbon Black told SC Media. Users could be plugging work laptops into the same network as wildly unsecure connected devices.

“When you go to,,,

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