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Back To Basics: How The CIA Triad Can Focus Your Approach To Securing A Digital Health Care Future


Jason Lau

Our long, protracted crawl toward digitizing health care has, in the blink of an eye, turned into a full-on sprint. As in-person care became reserved for Covid-19 and emergency patients, all other care is progressively moving online, driving massive growth in digital health care services.

Yet, this sprint toward digital health does not come without challenges inherent to a complex and vast industry pushed into a major transformation before it's truly ready. Health care data has always been a notoriously attractive and lucrative target for fraud and theft. The rapid rise of telemedicine has narrowed hackers' focus on the technology even more and has left the health care industry vulnerable to security risks.

The global shortage of about 4 million cybersecurity professionals means it is critical that health care professionals understand...

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