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Aveanna Healthcare Faces Lawsuit Over Monthlong Data Breach

Jessica Davis

Patients have filed a lawsuit against Aveanna Healthcare over a monthlong data breach, alleging the provider lacked adequate security and failed to provide timely notice, among other claims.

Georgia-based Aveanna Healthcare is facing a class-action lawsuit filed by more than 100 patients impacted by a monthlong data breach from 2019. Over 166,000 patients were affected by the security incident, which breach victims claim was caused by inadequate security.

In February, the pediatric home health services provider began notifying patients of a potential data breach caused by a phishing attack first discovered on August 24, 2019. The investigation found several employee email accounts were hacked for more than a month between July 9 and August 24.

Data exfiltration or access could not be ruled out, placing a range of patient data at risk of compromise, including...

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