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Attacks on VPNs and health industry headline 2021’s biggest cyber risks

Security Magazine

Amit Bareket

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world and changed how businesses operate overnight, both internally and in their interactions with customers. The event forced major changes that weren’t expected to occur for five to ten years, accelerating digital initiatives worldwide at a pace fast enough to unexpectedly break things.

As more organizations implemented collaboration tools and moved their infrastructures, networks, and applications away from on-premises environments and into the cloud, everything became more accessible to users, and in many cases, attackers. Hackers will continue to take advantage of our work environments and the trends advancing them in 2021, but some targets stick out more than others.

As we look ahead to 2021 and to defending against an ever-evolving variety of exploits and attacks, it’s important to consider the cybersecurity attack vectors that will be most prevalent in the upcoming year.

Healthcare Continues to Be an Attractive Target
Even with COVID-19 vaccines on the way, attackers will...

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