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As patient-provider experience gets more interconnected, new security strategies needed

Healthcare IT News

Bill Siwicki

As everything in healthcare becomes more ever complex, one of the biggest challenges healthcare provider organizations need to prepare for is managing secure user access to all the systems that are now interconnected.

From multiple linked patient portals and virtual telehealth platforms to online billing and payment services, the rise in medical digital interactions and transactions has led to massive amounts of sensitive user data being fed into online healthcare systems. So how do organizations make sure this data is properly safeguarded?

To help readers with this critical security question, Healthcare IT News interviewed Aarti Borkar, vice president of IBM Security. She offers her deep security expertise in finding ways secure the highly interconnected realm of healthcare.

Q: What are some of the big security challenges you see in healthcare today? Are healthcare organizations able to securely manage the rising interconnectedness of the patient-provider experience?

A: Digital healthcare has seen a massive surge over the last year during the pandemic. With more people turning to telemedicine services and digital health solutions – not to mention the entire vaccine rollout process – patient data now exists online in more locations and silos than ever before.

While the pandemic has...

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