As connected health adoption grows, privacy rules like HIPAA are still broadly misunderstood


Jonah Comstock

Even before the current crisis, connected technology and the Internet of Health Things were growing in prominence and adoption. Now, spurred on by people’s efforts to stay at home as much as possible, this technology is even more important.

But as health information and health data move into the homes and into consumers’ personal devices, concerns about privacy and security are giving pause to some providers and consumers.

“It’s probably fair to say that the healthcare industry is a little bit lagging in some respects compared to other industries that have picked up and used the internet connectivity and sensors for real-time data analytics,” Brian Scarpelli, senior global policy counsel at the Connected Health Initiative, said during a recent HIMSS Digital event. “There’s a very legitimate reason for that, and I don’t mean this as a knock, because in the healthcare sector, safety and life is so paramount in so much of what is done.”

Scarpelli joined Joy Pritts, a consultant and former ONC chief privacy officer, to discuss patient data privacy in the world of connected health and what HIPAA does and doesn’t cover ...

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