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As Adoption of Edge Computing in Healthcare Grows, So Do Security Needs

Health IT Security

Jill McKeon

Edge computing in healthcare is growing alongside 5G, but organizations should expect to make big investments to ensure edge security.

Edge computing adoption in healthcare is growing at fast rates as 5G takes hold, AT&T’s latest Cybersecurity Insights Report found. Nearly three-quarters of healthcare industry respondents said they were planning to or have already implemented an edge use case.

“That number was a pleasant surprise,” Theresa Lanowitz, head of cybersecurity evangelism at AT&T Business, said in an interview with HealthITSecurity.

To understand the growing adoption, it is crucial to understand what edge is and all its implications. AT&T’s report aimed to provide clarification and “highlight the need for security in a new compute paradigm underpinned by 5G and edge.”

Notably, Lanowitz...

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