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Aneesh Chopra: It’s the people problem that remains at the core of cyberattacks

MedCity News

Anuja Vaidya

Cybersecurity will continue to be a major issue for providers in the year ahead. According to CareJourney President Aneesh Chopra, the most common factors putting providers at risk are their employees and being unable to track data flow.

Cybersecurity blindspots — including human error and a lack of visibility into data flow — can leave healthcare providers particularly vulnerable to hacking.

That’s according to Aneesh Chopra, president of open data membership service CareJourney, who will be speaking about cybersecurity issues at the virtual Health Datapalooza 2021 conference, Feb. 16 – Feb. 18.

In a phone interview, Chopra shared his overarching concerns about healthcare data security going into 2021. These range from the fragmented nature of the data infrastructure to deficits...

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