Agencies Combat Ransomware in Digital Health

GovernmentCIO Media

Sarah Sybert

As the cybersecurity threat landscape expands in the digital era, protecting medical data is becoming an increasing priority across the federal government.

“Because digital transformation is more penetrated across the sector… there are more threats on that infrastructure,” said Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CISO Rob Wood during GovernmentCIO Media & Research’s CyberScape: Health Care virtual event. “The interesting thing about the health care sector is that there are different parts that are going digital … and all of them have different maturity curves and unique security challenges and threats.”

With the expansion of the “cyber physical landscape,” there is a greater attack surface for bad actors, noted Jim Jones, director of the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence for Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis at George Mason University.

“Criminal hackers are opportunists. They see...

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