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AI in Your Email: What Is Human Layer Security?

Government Technology


How is your organization addressing insider threats caused by misrouted email?

A UK study released in CISO magazine in December 2019 revealed that, “44 percent of employees admit that they’ve mistakenly exposed personally identifiable information (PII) or business-sensitive information using their corporate email accounts. Over 70 percent of respondents have experienced this type of breach during the last five years. …”

Another study from 2018 suggested that 88% of data breaches are caused by human factors and only 12% by malicious attacks. In that study, “The most common error was to send sensitive data to the wrong recipient, which was the cause of 37% of reported data breaches.”

While clicking on links that may bring malicious malware has received the majority of email security attention over the past year, especially during this current pandemic, various responses to phishing have also received the greatest level of investment from technology and security industry leaders who address email threats. But what can be done to better protect sensitive information sent from public- and private-sector inboxes ...

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