AI in Networking: Improving Security


Rohit Sawhney

Many experts believe that AI and ML will dominate cybersecurity in the future. Last year, at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, analysts discussed how these two technologies will augment human decision-making, emotions, and relationships.

Rapid technological advances are enabling AI to disrupt the networking industry with new insights and automation. AI in the networking domain will be able to reduce IT costs and offer the best possible user experience. Not only will AI be able to reduce IT costs, but it will also bring in more productivity and efficiency in networking. Together, machine learning and AI could be key enablers, helping to reduce human effort and make cybersecurity faster, more consistent and accurate.

In fact, many Enterprises are already making greater investments to integrate solutions with machine learning algorithms into their existing security infrastructure. While traditional antivirus programs are still widely used to detect and neutralize threats, they do not have...

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