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AI-Powered Cybersecurity Solutions Are Taking Charge Against Advanced Cyberattacks

Hacker Noon

Liam Smith

Radical transformations and technological evolution are becoming a new normal in this tech-oriented world. Every day, humans create approximately 2.5 quadrillion bytes of data. But is that data secure? Are enterprises utilizing that data within enhanced security protocols?

A single vulnerability is enough for evolving hackers to exploit the complete infrastructure of an organization, resulting in immense data breaches and identity theft. Cybercrimes have evolved 5 times in 4 years during the pandemic year and will continue to soar in upcoming years. ITRC traced approximately 540 breaches that affected 164 billion people worldwide during the first 6 months of 2020.

At the cybersecurity company FireEye Mandiant, researchers have observed a wide range of cyber incidents and discovered that global median...

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